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Bill and Helen Norrie Public Library - City of Winnipeg

Bill and Helen Norrie Public Library - City of Winnipeg

Are you tired of the same old boring seating options at your local library? Well, the design and library team at the City of Winnipeg sure were! They wanted something fun, flexible, and engageing for the teen/junior area. After an online search and call with our team, they finally found the perfect solution: the 4scape in Fun Cover II!


What Makes a 4scape so great?

Let's break it down for you. The 4scape is not your average seating system. It's like a chameleon, able to adapt to any situation. Need a cozy spot to read a book? The 4scape has got you covered. Want to hang out with your friends and chat? The 4scape is there for you. It's basically the Swiss Army knife of seating options.

Why Fun Cover II cover?

Well, the name says it all - it's FUN! The Fun Cover II comes in a variety of vibrant colors. The fabric is super soft and durable, perfect for those long library hangout sessions.

But wait, there's more!

Not only is the 4scape in Fun Cover II playful and flexible, but it's also super easy to rearrange. You can mix and match the pieces to create your own unique seating arrangement. Want a circle of chairs for a group study session? No problem. Prefer a cozy corner for some alone time? The 4scape has got your back.

So, if you're looking for a seating system that's as fun and flexible as you are, look no further than the 4scape in Fun Cover II. It's the ultimate teen hangout spot at the library!