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Cellular™ 5scape Lounge in Dark Grey & Rouge Living Covering

Cellular™ 5scape Lounge in Dark Grey & Rouge Living Covering

$ 8,270.00

Hi my name is Cellular™ #5scapeLounge. I’m modular furniture that can be configured and reconfigured into many unique seating configurations (what we at Oi refer to as “cellscapes”). I’ve been nicknamed “Lounge” because well i’m a perfect seating configuration for any lounge area . Don’t worry though, if you get tired of this seating configuration, it only takes a minute to reconfigure me into a more traditional configuration - like a sectional. The way I’m configured is always up to you. If you want to keep me in one place I can also be ganged together with base locks so I don’t move around. Although not shown in my photo, I can be accessorized with tables and power too. In the unfortunate event one of my covers is damaged, don’t worry, you can quickly slip off my damaged cover and order a replacement. Related, my cushion covers our Living covering and as you can see it’s a mix and match of Dark Grey and Rouge colours with white bases. In this configuration I’m 60” W x 90” L with a 16.5” seat height from the ground, and have a footprint of 31.25 sq.ft. I weigh in at a combined weight of 261 lbs. I’m made up of 5 x Bases, 10 x Base locks, 3 x Seat cushions, 10 x Back cushions, and 2 x Arm cushions.

Fun. Easy. Eco. These are the values that underpin Cellular™ by Oi. Having been the chosen modular seating in commons and lounge areas across North America, early adopters marvel at how fun, flexible, scaleable, creative, and colourful their environments have become since their installation. As an Ideal creative seating solution for lounge furniture in school learning commons, school libraries, school student lounges, and school classrooms, students love creating new seating configurations daily. Public libraries are also drawn to Cellular™ for their library commons areas, tween lounges, junior lounges, children’s areas, flex spaces, and event spaces because of the colourful energy that Cellular™ brings into a room. Our cover colours inspire creativity and collaboration and that's why offices have chosen us for their meeting rooms, reception areas, touchdown spaces, staff lounges, and foyers. Easy to move from location to location and install without any tools has event companies using us for exhibit rental seating at special events and in trade show exhibits. Consistently, people choose Cellular™ modular furniture by Oi because they can reconfigure their seating arrangement in seconds. While adults are inspired with our flexibility, we work well in many shapes and sizes of environments (big or small). Cellular’s cover is removable so it can adapt to the changes in your colour mood and environment. At the end of the day Oi Furniture invented Cellular™ to be Fun, Easy, and Eco because we believe people should spend time enjoying and personalizing furniture instead of assembling, getting bored, and replacing furniture. Did we mention Cellular™ is made right here in North America. Also, being friendly to our environment has been considered at every opportunity. I hope you’ll take a chance to get to know us a little better so that you can tell others how Fun. Easy. and Eco we are.

• Fun. Create hundreds of unique seating configurations. Daily!
• Easy. Ready to install out of the box. No tools required - just create!
• Eco. 50% of Cellular™ is made from and can be recycled.
• Removable Covers. Change, swap, or replace your coverings in minutes.
• Made in North America. Canada actually - eh!
• Sectors. Ideal for education, pubic library, hospitality, comercial office, and helth. 
• Environment. Ideal for lounge, lobby, collaboration, play and inspirations environments.
• Custom. Customers own material (C.O.M), custom coloured bases, and custom tables finishes are all available on request.
• Scalable. Add and remove seating to suite your environment or event.
• Delivery & lead time. I will be delivered right to your door in 4-6 weeks.
• 16.5" Seat Height
• 20" Seat Depth
• 30" W X 30" L X 26.5" H (x 5 Cells) = 31.25 sq. ft footprint
• 2 X Arm, 10 X back, 3 X Seat, 5 X Base, 10 X Base Locks
• combined weight of 273 lbs. fully assembled
If you have a custom cover in mind, email my maker CustomCover@iLikeOi.com.