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Pembina Trails Collegiate - Pembina Trails School Division

Pembina Trails Collegiate - Pembina Trails School Division




Working with LM-ESP Architectural group on a brand new collegiate for Pembina Trails schools division was quite the adventure. But the most exciting part? When they turned their attention to the commons area and specified an eighteenScape in Fun Cover II. It was like a breath of fresh air in the world of high school seating!

What makes the eighteenScape in Fun Cover II so special?

Well, let's just say it's not your average seating arrangement. This innovative design allows for flexibility and creativity in the commons area. The students and staff can easily reconfigure the seating to suit the needs of the day. Need a circle for a group discussion? No problem. Want a straight line for a presentation? Easy peasy. The possibilities are endless!

Why is this reconfiguration feature so fascinating?

Imagine a space that can adapt to the ever-changing needs of a high school environment. It's like a chameleon, blending in seamlessly with whatever the day throws its way. Plus, it encourages collaboration, creativity, and a sense of community among the students and staff. Who knew seating could be so versatile and fun?

So, next time you walk into the commons area of this high school, take a moment to appreciate the magic of the eighteenScape in Fun Cover II. It's not just a seating arrangement, it's a catalyst for innovation and collaboration. And who knows, you might just find yourself wanting to reconfigure the seating yourself!