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Cellular Installed in Allard Library

Cellular Installed in Allard Library

Gotta love it when a client sends photos of smiling kids on Cellular™ by Oi. In her email to us, Jen Kemball, Assistant Librarian explains that kids recreate seating on a daily basis.

"We have the furniture set up in the junior/teen section of the library and are hoping to add to it in the future. The modern look and bright colors spruce up the library in a great way! The kids enjoy taking the furniture apart and redesigning it as they wish!"

- Jen Kemball, Assistant Librarian


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If you've been on the hunt for modular seating that adds some fun for kids in your public library or learning commons, browse our build or shop pages to to explore how Cellular™ can suit your environment.


Installation Details

Client:  Bibliothèque Allard Regional Library

Environment: Junior & Teen Lounge

Location: St. Georges, Manitoba, Canada

Website: http://www.allardlibrary.com

Architect: N/A

Dealer: Accent Workplace Environments | http://www.theaccentgroup.ca

# of Cells: 3